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Majestic Prague – travel to the fairy tale

Majestic Prague – travel to the fairy talePlanning rest in the Czech Republic, surely go to majestic Prague – the ancient capital of Bohemia which small streets are fanned by mysticism.

Walking on small streets of the Old city as if you get to the beautiful fairy tale, the separate interesting legend is connected with each ancient building. Even the French writer Andre Breton called the main town of the modern Czech Republic the capital of magic art. Dark outlines of majestic Gothic buildings against the night sky especially mysteriously look, their sharp spikes raise up to clouds, and original illumination shines soft, as if streaming with light. Pautinki of the very narrow small streets covered with a stone blocks, and tile roofs remind of Hoffmann’s fairy tales.


And if rest in Italy allows to feel on itself heat of the Mediterranean, acquaintance to mysterious Prague is, first of all, immersion in the world of unusual architecture, half-forgotten fairy tales and magic legends. To understand originality and inexpressible charm of the capital of the Czech Republic, it is enough to leave on Staromestkaya Square where now it is possible to see crowds of people, to hear speech in many languages. Once through the medieval city passed the trading ways connecting Eastern and Western Europe that was reflected in cultural development in Prague.

And even now during survey of an architectural complex of Staromestskaya Square literally everything reminds of hoary antiquity. There is also an unusual town hall with unique hours chiming clock, and midday is developed the real show. The clockwork of a chiming clock starts to crackle quietly, the gloomy skeleton calls in a hand bell, and then shrill shout of a cock is distributed. From the area the sidewalk as if the very narrow tape, withdraws tourists under an arch along which it is possible to see pictures of modern Czech artists. And further the unusual building with a sign flaunting on it «A chocolate museum» is already distinguishable.

Having come inside, it is possible to hear a melodious voice of the hostess and a mysterious scratch of floor boards, and further acquaintance to a "tasty" exposition and the surprising story about a chocolate stories already waits. To a legend about bitter drink which Indians of the Maya considered as gift of gods, stories about the Spanish conquistadors who have delivered cocoa beans to Europe, royal yards immerse in the old magic fairy tale. Here Vladimir Cech’s works – the pictures written by liquid chocolate are presented also, and at desire it is possible to try and the art abilities – to take an albomny leaf, a brush, and to try to make the most unusual drawing in the life, using instead of paint chocolate.

Karlov Square, besides architecture monuments, kept even ancient aromas. Here smells as svezhevypechenny bread, a green grass, and in the autumn under feet the fallen-down foliage rustles. The most mysterious structure of Karlova Square – the mansion shrouded in mysticism where, on a legend, veins doctor Faust is no time sold to a devil to a shower. But, having pulled on itself a heavy ancient door, it appear in a yard of usual hospital. And in the territory of Prague there is a lot of such places, each of them has features and even own ghosts.