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The Russian tourists – among leaders, on expenditure for clothes and accessories in Barcelona

The Russian tourists – among leaders, on expenditure for clothes and accessories in BarcelonaAccording to Association of textile trade and business, Barcelona is the leader among all cities of Spain by quantity of tourist expenses on clothes, accessories and footwear. Nearly a half of all income of tourists is the share of a share of Barcelona in this sector.

And Paseo de Grasy’s shopping street collects a quarter of such income.

According to tourist offices, the Russian buyer is in the lead in "rating" of compensation of the VAT through Tax Free system which returns to tourists of 18 % from cost of the acquired goods.

Last year the Chinese tourists most spent for clothes in Barcelona – 682 euros. Further in this race Japanese tourists who on the average spend 586,47 euros, tourists from the USA (460 euros), tourists from Russia (431 euro), the Mexican tourists (361 euro), tourists from Brazil (340 euros) and Moroccans (293 euros) follow.

«Russian still are the best buyers on Paseo de Grasia. They spend much for a fashion, but the Chinese tourists, tourists from Singapore and Malaysia, well and certainly Americans» still are in the lead, – the president of Association of friends Paseo de Grasia, Luis Sanz declared.

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Spain stops weapon sale to Israel

Spain stops weapon sale to IsraelSpain stops weapon sale the Izrailyuispansky government made the decision "temporarily to suspend" sale of military equipment to Israel, in connection with the open conflict in the Gaza Strip. Such decision was accepted on Thursday on meeting of Interdepartmental council on regulation of foreign trade by the weapon and the goods of a dual purpose (Junta Interministerial Reguladora del Comercio Exterior de Material de Defensa y Doble Uso).

It is rather political gesture of the Spanish (more…)