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Forcing 6: races against volcanic landscapes of Tenerife

Forcing 6: races against volcanic landscapes of TenerifeToday on the Russian screens there is the sixth part of the sensational Hollywood blockbuster "Forcing" which shootings passed on the Spanish island of Tenerife in September and October, 2012.

Within five weeks the film crew worked at Tenerife from more than four hundred people, and for the first time in history "Forcing" some units of the military equipment took part in shootings, everyone is powerful over 60 tons. Shooting took place in several points of the island. The audience will see the shots which have been finished shooting in vicinities of settlements of Garachiko, Ikod – los-Vinos, San Juan – de-la-Rambla, Buenavista-del-Norte and Giya-de-Isora. Races traditional for the film with participation of protagonists were developed on a site of the new high-speed route between Adekh and Santiago-del-Teyde. Construction of the road is not ended yet, and the route while is closed for journey – local authorities made an exception only for a film crew «the Forcing 6». During shootings on the island 8 million euros, including expenses on accommodation, the contents and the transport message of a film crew were spent in total.

The vice-president and the adviser for tourism of the Government of Tenerife Don Carlos Alonso Rodriguez thanked the Universal Pictures company which has chosen Tenerife as a set for the sixth part of the popular film epic. «The film represents for us excellent possibility to show to the audience all advantages of the island and its most picturesque corners», – Mr. Alonso Rodriguez who has hoped noted that other film studios also will pay attention to Tenerife as a possible platform for future shootings.

«In recent years our island repeatedly served as natural scenery for large-scale film statements», – Mr. the adviser who has noted in it a big merit of Cinema committee Tenerife – specially created body, urged to give the maximum support to film crews added. The committee offers conditions for shootings, advises at selection of landscapes suitable for a shot and helps to obtain permit to access and shooting in these or those zones of the island.

Shootings «the Forcing 6» favorably affected not only advance of Tenerife as perspective set, but also and on development of own film production: the Universal Pictures company cooperated with local studio Surfilm which assumed a set of support functions, from logistics before casting for bit parts and crowd scenes.

The material is provided by Management on tourism of Tenerife in Russia

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The Buddhist temple on Costa Dorada

The Buddhist temple on Costa DoradaCosta Dorada and vicinities of Barcelona is not only magnificent beaches, tasty seafood and good wines… For example, in the tourist small town Sidzhes which is settling down in 40 kilometers from Barcelona, it is possible to find the real Buddhist monastery under the name Palau Short story. Visit of such temple becomes a pleasant surprise for many tourists.


This temple was open in 1996. Here doctrines, various meditations are carried out, and the introduction policy for wishing (more…)

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The tourist sector of Spain breaks records, but booking of hotels decreases

The tourist sector of Spain breaks records, but booking of hotels decreasesIn July of this year load of the Spanish hotels and number of the reserved nights increased only by 0,5 %, in comparison with data of 2012. The total of filled numbers, in July, made 37,6 million spending the night. And it, despite record indicators of the international direction, from 7,8 million foreign tourists visited Spain that for 2,9 % more than year before.

Since January, 2013 Spain was visited by about 34 million foreign tourists (growth of 4 %) that also is an itorichesky record. At (more…)