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Barcelona – the most expensive city of Spain for tourists

Barcelona – the most expensive city of Spain for touristsThe web portal about travel of Tripadvisor found out, where most expensive to have a rest in Spain. Barcelona is the favourite vacation spot for the majority of users of a site Tripadvisor, about it many responses, councils and recommendations are written. But, at the same time, as it became clear, to have a rest in the capital of Catalonia more expensively, than in any other Spanish city.

The price of one night for two will manage in Barcelona on the average 222,84 euros in comparison with 81,50 euros for two which the traveler will spend in Merida.

The average price of night for two during the period pays off from June 1 to August 31 from night of accommodation in 4-stars hotel, a dinner with cocktail for two and two trips by a taxi.

The list of the cheapest cities in Spain with average at the price of a range from 81,50 euros to 99,46 euros included Merida, Valladolid, Santiago de Compostela, Toledo and Valencia. Besides, Santander, Murcia and Zaragosa also offer available options of rest for tourists within summer months, at the price of 121,68 euros, 131,23 euros 123,85 euros respectively.

Madrid is on the fifth place among the most expensive cities for tourists – the price in a night for two there makes 160,642 euros. The most expensive cities, after Barcelona, are Pamplona (203,27 euros) and Palm tree de Mayorka (189,43).

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Euribor fell below 0,2 % of

Euribor fell below 0,2 % ofEuribor fell below 0,2%Euribor, the main credit indicator which defines the price of the majority of mortgage loans in Spain, established new historical minima. For the first time from the moment of emergence, this indicator decreased to 0,2 %. So, at the end of the last week Euribor fell to 0,199 %.

After such day indicators, the average monthly index is now at level in 0,214 %. Thanks to such value, the sum of annual payments of an average mortgage loan will decrease by 200 euros.
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