In Spain one of the lowest minimum wages in Europe

In Spain one of the lowest minimum wages in Europe648,6 euros a month – such official minimum wage (SMI) in Spain at present. After SMI increase for 0,6 % in 2013 and freezings of its growth in 2012 and 2014, the Spanish government approved growth of SMI by 0,5 % in 2015, thereby having caused strong criticism among trade unions and opposition.

The Spanish socialists (PSOE) promise to win the next elections at the expense of increase of a rate of SMI on the average for 5 % a year, within the next 10 years. Thereby, having lifted minimum wage level for 60 % with present 648 to 900 euros a month.

Spain is far behind of other European countries concerning minimum wage, advancing only Greece, Portugal and Croatia. The maximum European SMI are established in Luxembourg (1921 euro), Belgium (1502 euros) and the Netherlands (1495 euros).
To earn 1000 euros a month is an aspiration of many unemployed, and especially young people in Spain with which suggest to work for 600 euros a month. About 7,7 million?? workers in Spain less than 1000 euros, according to the data published by tax service of the country earn.

Despite it, Spain starts to get out of prolonged crisis about what tell many factors. For example, for the last year, more than 121.000 workers in the construction sphere, could find to themselves new work. As to statistics, for last twelve months, number of the unemployed decreased for 7,5 percent or 352 thousand people.

Most likely, growth in the construction sphere, first of all, is connected with the main status of the country. After all Spain it, first of all the tourist country, it needs a large number of housing for visitors. On rest a large number of tourists goes to Spain from Almaty, just as from China, Russia and other CIS countries, without speaking about Europeans. It in turn forces investors to be put to this sphere to get the greatest profit.
Improvements in the sphere of employment became appreciable in the second quarter 2014. Lately, the number of the unemployed in the field of construction decreased for 38,7 %. In other spheres of employment rates of decrease in unemployment are not so high. For the last year this indicator reached a point of 9,3 % in agriculture. In the industry sphere – 22 percent, and in a services sector – 11 percent. But in any case, Spain starts to be restored after long crisis and gradually gathers industrial turns.