Spain lifted airport collecting

Spain lifted airport collectingTo fill up the budget, the leadership of Spain decided to increase charge for entrance to the country. The document accepted on June 29, and since July first it came into force. As a whole, collecting raised for 18,9 %. Also it should be noted that the tax on a departure in two largest Spanish cities of Madrid and Barcelona increased almost in 2 times.

In Madrid "Barakhas" with 6,95 to 14,14 euros, in Barcelonian «Ale to Prat» with 6,12 to 13,44 euros. Such data are provided by the European association of travel agents and tour operators (ECTAA). Now to buy cheap tickets it becomes aboard the plane much more difficult.

Besides, earlier the administration of Catalonia which is very popular in the Russian tourists, imposed a special tax on accommodation. Since June 1 each tourist who has stopped in hotel, should pay from 1 to 3 euros. The same vacationers that come to the region families and remove country houses for 30 and more days, should pay in addition for a month of accommodation for 30 euros from the person. And if the tourist stops in five-stars hotel for a week, the additional contribution will make 21 euros.

Also it is necessary to pay also to those tourists that private houses and apartments in Catalonia rent. However, the law will come into force on November 1 this year. The tax on such type of rent is lower – 0,50–0,75 euros in a night.

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Today sales of tickets for the train Barcelona-Paris

begin Today sales of tickets for the train Barcelona-ParisThe Spanish Renfe and the French railway operator of SNCF begin sale of tickets for the high-speed trains AVE on a new route Barcelona – Paris. The first train will make the flight on December 15. The average price of one way tickets will make 170 euros.

These two companies will serve together a new international route. At the first stage, it is planned to start two trains in day in each direction.

From Barcelona, trains will go from Sants station at 9.20 and 16.20. Arrival in Paris, (more…)