Purchase of apartments in Kalafel. Personal experience of

Purchase of apartments in Kalafel. Personal experience ofPurchase of apartments in Kalafelya wanted to buy long ago housing in Spain, looked narrowly at different options therefore when addressed in real estate agency, already precisely knew that I want. The company too chose long and carefully, read many responses, paid attention to conditions of cooperation and as a result stopped the choice on Layf Speyn. By this time I consulted at them at an exhibition in March on Tishinka and even knew, with what expert I will deal.

Kalafel on the coast Costa Dorada I chose the small town not casually. It is impossible to call it the resort center, it "is not adhered" to tourists therefore life of the city does not depend on a season. Here and in the winter life proceeds, all institutions of a services sector work. Besides in the city it is warm and comfortable, in the winter the temperature keeps on the average on a mark +15. I specially came to Kalafel in a cold season personally to check, whether will be to me and it is pleasant to my family to live there. As in larger next cities, as Tarragona, Kambrils, for that sum, on which I counted (to 130 thousand), it was difficult to buy the decent housing, and in Kalafel – was many options.

It was necessary to choose and other criteria. I described to the manager that I want: not too expensive housing in the quiet area where it will not be noisy and it is possible to conduct measured life with the family. It was important, that children too felt comfortably. Chose housing in 1,5км from the sea – there few tourists, even in the summer of any bedlam and superfluous people. And the Ry line passes much below from us and is not audible, since the house is a little over level. Thus found apartments in the house from which it is possible to reach the sea minutes for 8 mines that personally I consider as a great luck.Purchase of apartments in Kalafel. Personal experience of

Also we decided at once that we will take option without additional investments. In agency to us explained that in case of need repair will provide a brigade of repairmen, but I all the same would not like to contact repair in spite of the fact that it could save a certain sum in the budget on purchase. Therefore in agency to us picked up the fully completed apartments where only walls needed to be refreshed paint. There is everything, even household appliances, besides registration we liked what to change, so, it was necessary nothing.

Evgenia considered all my wishes and offered some options. I chose apartments in the area of 80 sq.m with two bedrooms. The complex in which we live, consists of three small houses on 20 apartments in total. There is a big pool (about 15 m at length), well-groomed lawns, palm trees, beautiful beds. Children like to play in the territory of a complex and to lap in the pool, and it too big plus. For apartments I paid 135 thousand euros. with expenses.

In Kalafel it is necessary to tell about the housing price one more important thing. At the height of a tourist season such apartments as I chose, it is possible to lease for 600-650 euros a week. Foreigners willingly pay. But yet did not try this option.

It became clear that in a housing estate where I then planned to live, and now I live, there are no Russian – only Spaniards. In the summer apartments foreigners, generally Germans and Frenchmen there rent. Locals positive, pleasant. The same, by the way, I can tell about employees Layf Speyn. Very correct people in work and true professionals. If suddenly will see a response – thanks! without you I could not pick up such ideal option!

Author: Elena Zakharova