Spain stakes on gay tourism

Spain stakes on gay tourismYesterday in Madrid the World conference of gay tourism (IGLTA) opened. In opening of conference took part the Secretary of State on tourism of Spain by Isabel Borrego (Isabel Borrego). She emphasized special importance of gay tourism for a diversification of the Spanish tourist sector, considering that level of expenses of tourists of this kind, always above an average.

In 2014 the segment of gay tourism will grow with speed of 10,3 %, in comparison with 5 % growth of all world tourism.

Isabel Borrego noted that Spain is included into the five of the best countries in the world as the tourist direction for LGBT-community (lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transsexuals).

She also emphasized that the ministry of tourism of Spain stakes on the gain "LGBT turista". So, in 2017 Madrid becomes the capital of carrying out the international gay parade of "Orgullo Gay". This action becomes key, not only for gay tourism development in Madrid, but also across all Spain.