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Linguists consider that Spain is not ready to reception of the Russian tourists

Linguists consider that Spain is not ready to reception of the Russian touristsThe number of the Russian tourists in Spain considerably grew, but the tourist sector is ready to such inflow of guests insufficiently. Linguists so argue.

According to translation agency TranslationHouse research, tourist and entertaining spheres for the present are at the first stage of linguistic development. Yazykoveda are sure that development and Russian introduction in the next years will be very intensive, thanks to increase in number of tourists from Russia.

The commercial director of this translation agency Jose Maria Estevez notes that the quantity of tourist and entertaining sites which are correctly translated into Russian makes no more than 5 %.

Besides, having analysed documents in Russian which are necessary for servicing at restaurants, hotels and shops (the menu, plaintive sheets, signs, salutatory letters, magazines or special offers of tour operators), experts came to a conclusion that 90 % from them have a large number of spelling and syntactic errors.

TranslationHouse noted that Catalonia, Barcelona, Kosta-del-Sol, Majorca, Tenerife, Madrid and is better than others are prepared for reception of Russian guests and emphasized that rather adapted it is possible to call documents the most similar on the original.