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brought to Spain 1,1 billion euro Shopping tourismFor last year, purchases of tourists, from the countries not entering into EU, made 1,1 billion euro. This sum makes 8 % from the common European market shopping tourism which is estimated at 13,5 billion euro. Such data were received during research "Spain – the best direction for shopping tourism" which was led by the consulting company Global Blue.


48 % and 31 % are the share of Barcelona and Madrid from total amount of transactions in this market, respectively. Nevertheless, according to research while the Catalan capital is in the lead on number of operations, Madrid wins first place at the average price of purchases.

In shopping tourism essential decrease in foreign guests in Madrid is appreciable. This sector showed all the 12th % growth in the Spanish capital while in Marbelye and the coastal Mediterranean cities of Spain growth made 20 %.

Expenses of the Chinese tourists made 26 % from all turn of the market. Average expenses of the Chinese using rounds to Spain for purchases, 1449 euros for the person make. The Russian tourist spends in this case about 690 euros.

In the report it is noted that for each euro spent by the European tourists, 4 euros from tourists from other continents are necessary. Thus, though only 10 % of foreign tourists come because of EU limits, 80 % from a turn of shops of luxury of Madrid and Barcelona are the share of such clients.

Considering high potential the Asian markets, Global Blue considers that Spain can increase a turn shopping tourism to 1,25 billion euro if reorients marketing strategy on tourists from Asia.