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Turespana will allocate 4,5 million euros for advertizing on the Internet

Turespana will allocate 4,5 million euros for advertizing on the InternetThe institute of tourism of Spain (Turespana) is going to organize open tender on carrying out international an advertizing campaign on the Internet. It is planned to invest in this project about 4,5 million euros.

The centralized purchase of the spaces on the main online platforms of the markets on which it is planned to carry out campaign will be a main objective of this contract ".

Thus, expenses on purchase thanks to big, bought volumes will be optimized. The advertizing campaign of Spain will pass in Great Britain, Germany, France and Russia. These are the most priority markets for tourist sector of the country which were defined in strategic by the marketing plan (Plan Estrategico de Marketing de Turespana).

Let’s remind that Great Britain, Germany and France are the main markets of tourism for Spain as they represent together 55,5 % of all foreign tourists who have visited Spain last year.

Russia, at the same time, is strategically important market because of big growth in recent years (31,6 % growth in 2013 in comparison with previous), and also volumes of expenses on the tourist (1487 euros on the average in 2013, in comparison with 976 euros on the average on the world).