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The government of Catalonia Novostiturizm

The government of Catalonia NovostiturizmThe government of Catalonia approved the new bill on introduction of three new ecological taxes in the region. One of taxes plan to charge for emissions in the atmosphere, made by commercial aircraft during take-off, landing and a rulezhka on a runway.

The authorities of Catalonia hope to collect by means of these taxes about 50 million euros a year. The airlines working in Spain, apprehended this news very negatively.

By calculations of the government of Catalonia, the tax on commercial flights will be brought in treasury by about 3,9 million euros a year. The press secretary of generals of Catalonia, Fransesk Homs (Francesc Homs), in the statement noted that in the law special points, for avoidance of growth of the final prices for tickets for passengers will be provided.

The tax, on emissions of commercial flights during phases of landing, a ruleniye and take-off, will be applied in Catalonia only in special protective tourist zones. All beach rest in Barcelona and beaches round the capital of Catalonia are the main protective zones round the capital airport – Ale Prat (El Prat).

The authorities of Catalonia argue that new taxes completely correspond to recommendations of the European union (EU) about the taxation in the environment sphere.

Besides, the government of the Spanish autonomy approved new tax collecting for thermonuclear electricity generation, sector of industrial production and consumption.

Catalan politicians hope that new rules will be approved by parliament within six months, and will come into force in July prior to the beginning of a season of summer holidays.