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Seville Alkacar will be closed because of shootings by Games of thrones

Seville Alkacar will be closed because of shootings by Games of thronesAlkasar Sevilyi will be partially closed since October 6. Shootings of the fifth season of a TV series "Game of thrones", the American company HBO become the reasons of such restrictions.

On Alkasar’s official website it is said that "considering characteristics of shootings of such high level, exact dates and time of partial closings of gardens and Alkasar’s different parts can vary." Besides, Seville Alkasar’s management and producers of series "work over that shootings of series have the smallest impact on visitors of this monument of architecture".

According to the scenario "Games of thrones", Alkasar Sevilyi, in series, will represent water gardens for rest and a relaxation located in Dorn’s droughty and semidesertic kingdom. Dorn prince Doran Martell, Oberin Martella’s big brother rules, the new character entered in the fourth season which was played by Chilean Pedro Pascal (Pedro Pascal).

In addition to Alkasar, shootings of this season of series will take place in Osun’s (Osuna) Spanish small town.

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On Bokerys market will limit access of tourists

On Bokerys market will limit access of touristsIn the next attempt to take over the control of a tourist stream in the city Bokery’s (La Boqueria) well-known Barcelonian market imposed a ban on visit to big tourist groups. The decision on restriction of access of tourists on the market was accepted by city council. Now the groups consisting of 15 people and more, cannot get on the market on Fridays and Saturdays from 8th morning and till 15:00. In the rest of the time visit of the market is not limited.

The ban purpose – to avoid a big congestion (more…)

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The new wave of a heat will cover Spain on these days off

The new wave of a heat will cover Spain on these days offAccording to the data provided by meteorological agency АЕМЕТ, in the next few days Spain will be covered by a new wave of a heat. The heat will hold on more long, than in the previous time, but will be less intensive.

The heat will be brought with themselves by masses of warm air from Africa that will cause record-breaking high temperatures from 40 to 42 degrees.

Increase of temperatures will be felt in the most part of Spain, especially in Castile and Leon and Madrid.

Since Friday the strong (more…)

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Gijon de Sidra – week сидра in Gijon

Gijon de Sidra - week сидра in GijonFrom October 11 to October 20 in Gijon will pass annual gastronomic фестивать "Gijon de Sidra". All visitors in a current of gastronomic week will have an opportunity to try the best сидр Asturias, made of specially selected grades of apples, for reasonable price.

In 37 sidreriya (sidrerias) and the taverns (chigres) participating in gastronomic week of Gijon, it will be possible to drink a bytulka сидра with special snack for only 3-4 euros. For tourists and wishing to taste сидр (more…)