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On Canary Islands storm warning

is declared On Canary Islands storm warningBecause of a whole gale and flaws to 100 km/h on the Canary islands storm warning was declared. On a forecast of meteorological agency AEMET bad weather can will last till Friday.


The prevention was declared on islands La Palma, Yerro, La Homer and Tenerife. All tourists are recommended to remain in hotels.

On the island La Palma which suffered from a cyclone most, this night there were electricity shutdowns. In total, without light there were about 11.000 people.

Besides, rescuers of the island Gran Kanariya continue searches of the Russian 68-year-old tourist which was gone during bathing on one of plazhy islands.

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In Spain the most titled aristocrat in the world

died In Spain the most titled aristocrat in the worldToday in Seville on the 88th year of life Kaetana Fitz-James Stewart (Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart) who is widely known as duchess Alba (Duquesa de Alba) died.

Last week duchess Alba was hospitalized because of warm arrhythmia, pneumonia and a gastroenteritis aggravation.

The 18th duchess Alba was born on March 28, 1926 in Madrid. It was known as the public figure and the owner of the most large number of titles in the world (7 titles of the duchess, 23 marchionesses and the 19th countesses). (more…)


Iberia cancelled today more than 200 flights

Iberia cancelled today more than 200 flightsAt the Madrid airport more than two hundred flights because of the 5-day strike which has begun today of the land personnel and crews of planes of the Spanish airline "Iberia" are cancelled.

Her workers protest against the forthcoming dismissal more than 3 800 thousand employees that, according to company management, will allow to avoid its bankruptcy.

In the first day of a strike the 236th flight from the Spanish airports was cancelled. Flights of "Iberia", and also Vuelinga, (more…)

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Vueling will provide high-speed Internet access during flight

Vueling will provide high-speed Internet access during flightThe Spanish air carrier of Vueling, together with Telefonica, presented to public new service of high-speed satellite WIFI Internet access during flights onboard the planes. Thus, Vueling becomes the first airline in Europe and the first loukost-carrier in the world which will render service of high-speed Internet access onboard the planes.

The communication equipment was established by the new Airbus 320 plane by capacity of 180 passengers. Internet access will be carried out via the satellite (more…)

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Yakhtenny tourism

brought to Andalusia 240 million euros Yakhtenny tourismOver the last 10 years Andalusia almost doubled number of yakhtenny moorings (marines), having reached a point in 21.400 and by that having taken the third place in a national rating of regions after Kataluniya and Balearic Islands. Such data were provided by the government of this independent region which prepares the plan on further advance of sea and yakhtenny tourism.

Last year about 300 thousand tourists arrived to Andalusia through yakhtenny ports, (more…)