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Portrait of the typical Russian tourist in Catalonia

Portrait of the typical Russian tourist in CataloniaThe last five years, nearly a half of tourists of Russia visited Spain twice. 14 % from them were in Spain more than three times within the last six years. These, and many other interesting conclusions were stated in the first research of the Russian tourists: "Habits and perception of the Russian tourists in Catalonia" which was prepared by parliament of Barcelona together with SERHS.

This research which gives the detailed analysis of a profile of the Russian tourist, provides a great interest for travel agencies and the organizations of Spain. Main conclusions of research following:

– A half of all Russian tourists come from 10 large cities of the Russian Federation: Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Krasnodar, Kazan, Omsk, Volgograd, Chelyabinsk, Samara, Astrakhan and St. Petersburg.

– 96 % of all tourists reserve the travel through tour operator. At present in Spain more than 50 Russian operators work.

– The general expenses make 1059 euros for the person for one trip that on the average makes 125 euros a day. It testifies to high purchasing power of the Russian tourist in comparison with tourists from other countries. So, Englishmen spend, on the average, 93 euros a day, Germans of 98 euros, and Frenchmen, 80 euros.

– at 27 % of the Russian tourists expenses are higher than an average. Generally it is tourists from 35 to 54 years which repeatedly приежают to Spain and stop in the 4th or five-stars hotels of Barcelona.

– The richest tourists come married couples in September and October. Their age from 35 years. Them interests cultural позноватльный tourism, than beaches and the sun more.

– 61,9 % of the Russian tourists come to Catalonia for the sake of Barcelona. 60 % arrive for the sake of beaches, 38 % intend to visit historical places, and 35 % interest shopping.