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In Spain rains and frosts for the constitution day

expect In Spain rains and frosts for the constitution dayFrom tomorrow in all territory of Spain essential decrease in air temperature is expected. In internal regions of the country frosts are expected. Such temperature will last all festive days off which coincide with the constitution day (Dia de la Constitucion) and day of Immaculate conception of Virgin Mary (Inmaculada Concepcion).

The state meteorological agency of Spain (АЕМЕТ) expects strong norths which will bring rains on all territory of the Kantabriysky Cordilleras.

Rains are expected both over a massif Pireneev and on Balearic Islands. Small probability of loss of a precipitation in the Strait of Gibraltar and on Costa del Sol.

On other part of Spain the clear sky is expected. In the north of the country the snow cover can already drop out on 800-1000 meters above sea level, and in the area Pireneev snow will drop out at height of 500 meters.

On the average, air temperature in northern regions of Spain will make +7-9 With, in Andalusia air will get warm to +13-15.