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Passengers of the airport «Prat» can play Ale golf

Passengers of the airport «Prat» can play Ale golfAt the airport of Barcelona «Ale Prat» will appear soon a golf course, and in the near future those from passengers that will wait the flight, can spend time behind game. It is supposed that it will be near to beaches Ale Prat and will occupy approximately the 18th hectare. The management and stock necessary for games will place in a T2 terminal building.

Earlier in the territory of the airport of Barcelona already there were golf courses, but they were cleaned to expand the airport. Now administration «Ale Prat» decided that came to play time golf again. The golf club at the airport will be open and enter it any wishing can. The main problem for fans of golf will not pass now news of airlines and the announcement on landing of the flight. To open a golf course it is planned since 2014.

It is necessary to tell that «Ale Prat» concedes the airport on size in Spain to only Madrid "Barakhas". And the flight Barcelona-Madrid which has received the name "Puente Aereo" or in Russian "Vozdushny Bridge", long enough was the popular direction. In a week passed 971 flights. But later this figure decreased because of start of the high-speed railway AVE express.

The main passenger traffic of the airport «Ale Prat» are house and European flights. And though the sizes of the airport are quite great it almost does not accept intercontinental flights. The airport constantly develops, so in June, 2009 there was a new T1 terminal, and old terminals A, B and C united in the T2 terminal. At the airport 268 reception desks and 64 landing gate are.