80 % of Catalans want independence

80 % of Catalans want independence80 % of Catalans want независимостиСвыше 2,2 million Catalans came to sites for a golosvaniye last Sunday, November 9. For independence of Catalonia more than 80 percent of citizens of the region (80,72 %) expressed.

Last action had the status of informal poll of the population. In voting bulletins there were only two questions: «Whether you that Catalonia became the state want?» and, in case of the affirmative answer, whether «You that this state was independent want?» It was possible to answer both questions only "yes" or "no".

In the affirmative on two questions отвеили 1.806.336 people. In favor of finding of own statehood, but without separation from Spain, 10,09 %, or 225.659 people expressed. For preservation of the present status of the province 4,54 %, or 101.601 persons expressed.

The head of the province Arthur Mas (Artur Mas) remained is happy with results of will and urged the central government to allow to hold a final official referendum of independence.

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In the Spanish city of Pamplona started a holiday «San Fermin»

In the Spanish city of Pamplona started a holiday «San Fermin»Every year in Fermin passes a grandiose festival San Fermin. The celebration is carried out in Pamplona and is devoted to St. Fermin, the bishop who lived in the 13th eyelid, and rescued the city from plague epidemic. Today at midday this holiday began on custom an appeal «Pamplontsa! Long live San Fermin» and start of the self-made rocket from a city administration balcony.

Fireworks and parades of masks, and, certainly, performances are carried out to everything the city and musical concerts, (more…)