The best Spa hotels of Spain

The best Spa hotels of SpainIn Spain more than 2 000 thermal and mineral sources including a Spa hotels are registered. A set of sources are located in resort regions which are popular in tourists from Russia.


Spain has rich traditions of balneo-treatment. In the country more than 2 thousand sources mineral are registered, together with the thermal waters, many of them are in districts of popular resorts. Already more than centuries in Spain there is ANET (Asociacion Nacional de Estaciones Termales) – National association of thermal resorts.The best Spa hotels of Spain

As ANET enters, among other things, and definition of the resort status: Spa, велнес, талассо or thermal. Hotels and the improving centers also offer by all sea wishing specialized treatment on resort coasts of Spain. There is also such direction which the climatotherapy, i.e. use of medical climatic properties of this resort is called.

The best Spa hotels of Spain"Balneario" (balneario) in understanding of Spaniards is the such improving center having possibility of placement. Our way, it it is possible to call "sanatorium". Except sanatoria, there are the improving centers which do not have hotel base. However, as a rule, nearby from them always there are hotels. A Spa rounds use the increasing popularity at the Russian tourists. We offer the small review of the best of a Spa hotels of Spain in 2012.

1. Hotel Villa Padierna. Is in Marbelye’s prestigious region on Costa del Sol. In the territory of hotel there are 11 country houses in an environment of fruit trees and exotic flowers with personal pools and golf courses. The hotel is famous for the Roman terms.

2. La Santa Cruz resort. To services of guests of hotel the widest choice of a Spa services: thalassotherapy, shower peeling, baths, The best Spa hotels of Spainmassages steam baths, Finnish saunas, hydromassage baths. Besides, great popularity use the service "Bienestar Al-Andalus" – special комплек a Spa procedures developed specially for loving couples.

3. Hotel Balneario Las Arenas the resort opened in 1889 and it is considered the center of rest of all aristocratic Spain. Is on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea near to Valencia. In 1933 the pool by the well-known Spanish architect – Luis Gutierrez Soto here was constructed