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To Lansarota

saved 1,2 million euros on advertizing thanks to Cameron’s rest To LansarotaRecent rest of the prime minister of Great Britain David Cameron (David Cameron) on the island to Lansarota (Canary Islands) generated advertizing effect for the island in the British mass media for the sum more than 1,2 million euros.

"Visit of the identity of such scale, undoubtedly, one of the best advertizing campaigns on a gratuitous basis which only can exist" – such opinion adhere at tourist office of the island.

As a whole, to Lansarota got almost to thirty news TV rollers and articles on large British TV channels and newspapers. Besides, more than in ten digital mass media there were references to sights of the island.

The prime minister had a rest on Canary Islands from April 12 to April 18 this year.