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On a route Valencia-Seville will go a high-speed train

On a route Valencia-Seville will go a high-speed trainSale of the first tickets for a new train began with last Tuesday, and for the first 5 days from the Renfe company was bought already 1 600 tickets.

On June 17 started the first flight on a new route. Blank spaces was not. Seville was left at 21:12 by 300 passengers who in 3 hours of 50 minutes arrived to Valencia.

The train in the opposite direction went from Seville next morning at 8.15 and arrived to Valencia approximately by noon. A new train not such capacious as following from Madrid to Valencia and back. In it is located on 65 passengers less.

Representatives of the Renfe company reported that one more new high-speed route will be started soon. This time from Valencia to Malaga through Cordoba.