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In Algambra again it is possible to visit a platform for romantics

In Algambra again it is possible to visit a platform for romanticsIn March in Algambr’s (Alhambra) well-known Mauritian palace which is in Granada, again open a romantic observation deck (mirador romantico).


Algambra — the monument of high historical value recognized as a monument to UNESCO. By official calculations, the aforementioned palace visits the greatest number of tourists in Spain. Located on the highest point, around a palace Generalif, the platform was closed in connection with restoration works.

It represents the peculiar observation point offering a picturesque view of Algambra and to Granada. Neogothic on style, the verandah was constructed in 1836 by architect Jaime Traversa, and thus, added to the general remained ensemble of a palace of the fourteenth century. Generalif where this platform for romantics is located, earlier was a rest country house for Muslim governors.

Mirador is one of exclusive places for contemplation of beauty of a palace of what can be convinced, since March, the tourists, wishing to visit Algambra.


The rating of the most popular film hotels

is made The rating of the most popular film hotelsThere are films which are united with that shootings took place in hotels. Such films became: «Difficulties of transfer», "Sex and the City", «Casino Royale and "Vicki Christina Barselona". On the threshold of Oscar’s delivery the online searcher of Trivago hotels made the list of hotels in which passed shootings of the most popular films of the last 20 years.

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