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Jornadas del olivar y del aceite 2011

Jornadas del olivar y del aceite 2011In November more and more citizens of Russia choose trips to solar Spain, leaving rounds to Dominican republic or Thailand which were fallen in love to tourists, on other season.


One of the main reasons is covered in carrying out big количетсва festivals and holidays in Spain. One of such festivals is the holiday of olives (Jornadas del olivar y del aceite) which should pass this year already in 14 times in Ispansokm the city of Baen (Baena, Andalucia). In Europe this action is one of the largest festivals of olive oil and olives.

Lands round Baena являеются one of world leaders on production of olive oil which in turn is the card of all Andalusia. The festival passes right after collecting and processing of all crop. Actions pass is noisy, it is cheerful and obligatory with big feasts, thereby inhabitants thank lands for a generous crop. All probably know that a symbol of Italian cuisine is cheese parmesan, and the Spanish symbol – respectively olives but very few people guesses that exists hundreds versions of olives from black to the pale yellow. The known fact – is the share of a share of Spain 45 % of all olive oil made in the world. As hot Spaniards are sure that olives it is vegetative oysters and with their help love passions do not cease, and inflame with a new flame.