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In Madrid constructed hotel of garbage

In Madrid constructed hotel of garbageIn Madrid for some days the hotel entirely constructed of a waste from dumps and beaches of Europe opened.


Beach Garbage Hotel hotel walls on Kayao Square in the center of Madrid are made of the waste which has been taken out by inflow on beaches of Europe, from garbage from dumps and from the various stuff bought in flea markets.

The author of the project the German artist Ganc-Juergen Shult who is better known as Ha for Shult, constructed five-seater hotel within the International fair of tourism which this year passes in Madrid. On Sunday it is closed.

According to the artist, the purpose of this work – to involve public attention in an environmental pollution problem in Europe which is aggravated because of mass tourism.

"I created Beach Garbage Hotel hotel because oceans of our planet became a huge garbage dump", – explained Shult in interview to France Presse agency.

Future of beach resorts?

From 30 to 40 % of the garbage used at construction of a building, it was collected on beaches of Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

The press secretary of the project Rosa Pikeras declared that authors wanted to show, how idealized ideas of the tourism, imposed by the tourist’s industry, differ from reality.

"We wanted to show visually as we will spend the holidays if beaches are not cleared of a garbage waste", – added Pikeras.