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The train AVE Madrid-Barcelona

surpassed in popularity flights The train AVE Madrid-BarcelonaIn five years after the opening, the high-speed railway (AVE) connecting Barcelona to Madrid, at last surpassed an aircraft service of the same direction in number of the transported passengers.

The trains AVE became permission of many problems on a route between two cities, and in advantageous situation there was a passenger. Fight between airlines and the railway company led to improvement of quality of transportations and to reduction of prices on a route Madrid – Barcelona. During this fight for the passenger, the trains AVE received for the first time 58 % of the market, by data for the first 5 months 2013.

Before opening of the high-speed railway, nobody had a clear idea of how it will affect other types of the message between the capital of Spain and Barcelona, especially on air transport. Air flight was the most popular vehicle among passengers. This route on profitability even compare to such routes, as Washington – New York in America and Tokyo – Osaka in Japan.