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Rest on Tenerife – what to look?

Rest on Tenerife - what to look?To visit Spain everyone is obliged. Wonderful landscapes, magnificent weather and hundreds monuments of architecture – all this does not leave indifferent even the most experienced traveler. Tenerife – the largest island as a part of the archipelago of the Canary Islands life on which arose more than 25 centuries ago! Having united in itself all delights of high-quality rest, Tenerife truly became a tourist pearl of Spain.


It is a lot of накупавшись in the Atlantic Ocean, having received pleasant suntan and having bought souvenirs to friends, it is necessary to go on one of many excursions immersing you in depths stories and natural beauty of Spain. We tried to allocate the sights of the island of Tenerife most popular among tourists.

Auditorio-de-Tenerife. Perhaps, the most recognizable structure on the island. The construction constructed only 11 years ago, managed to win glory at million tourists the unique architecture. The founder of this magnificence, Santiago Calatrava, realized an example of an up-to-date concert hall and theater on which stage the actors best in the world, singers and theatrical companies acted. Personally to estimate surprising architecture and acoustics of a building it is possible having got the ticket for performance. Auditorio-de-Tenerife opens the doors for visitors Monday through Saturday, with 10.00 till 15.00 (on Saturday till 14.00) local time.

San Miguel lock. Since the childhood were fond of stories and legends about king Arthur and knights of the Round table? Then you are obliged to visit the San Miguel castle in which territory the Middle Ages era is perfectly recreated. You are waited by fascinating excursion on the lock accompanied by the skilled guide, visit of the real knightly tournament and possibility to try the real masterpieces of cookery which in accuracy simulate the viands presented to knights after battles. Operating mode: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday (summer) and Saturday. Representation, as a rule, begins at 19.00, but you can arrive in advance and independently wander on lock vicinities. Rest on Tenerife - what to look?National park to Teyda. The main sight of Tenerife entices tourists from all corners of a planet magnificence of the nature, rich flora and fauna, and the main thing – an active volcano to Teyda who ustrashayushche towers over the island, reaching height of 3718 meters. Having climbed up volcano top, you will spend many forces, however, greatness of the nature and the landscapes which have opened to a look will force to forget about fatigue and leave in memory fine memoirs on all life! The unprepared tourists who have not got used to hikes, can use a cable car plying to top cost of the ticket on which makes €25 (to children – twice cheaper).

Park of eagles. Family rest to Tenerife should include visit of Park of the eagles located near the small town Las-Amerikas. The fauna of park is not limited only on one eagles! Hundred animal species live here under natural conditions, from majestic lions and tigers to lovely monkeys and seals. The last show training miracles, cheering up to all visitors of the water arena. But the most epichny representation which it is possible to watch for hours is a performance of the trained eagles that the in itself unique phenomenon. Besides supervision over fauna, tourists have a possibility to sweep on the bobsleigh route, to be supported at cozy restaurant and to walk on shady avenues. Ticket cost in Park of eagles makes €25 (to children cheaper).

Rest on Tenerife - what to look?Pyramids Guimar. Fans of ancient architecture can go on studying of pyramids Guimar located in the small town with the same name. The guide will tell you some versions of an origin of these structures. However, the authentic version does not exist still, and existence of similar pyramids on architecture in Peru and Mexico causes a set of the questions, setting thinking about their mysterious origin. To visit pyramids it is possible in any day of week with 9.30 till 18.00 local time. Excursion cost for adults – €18, for children – €6.

But from it not less interesting the following sights of the island of Tenerife are less popular:

· A basilica Candelaria – the Catholic church which has been completely reconstructed in 1959;
· Икод – los-Vinos – put by Spaniards in the 16th century the city abounding with houses with architecture of that era. We recommend to visit the center of butterflies, a cave of the Wind and a thousand-year tree;
· La-Orotava – one more city founded in the 16th century. The unique architecture, museums, a botanical garden is everything certainly interesting, but most of all the attention of tourists involves an annual holiday – Day of a carpet during which all main streets and the areas of the small town are covered with bright and motley carpets, a panel and pictures.
That it is necessary to know, going to Tenerife
· Air temperature to Tenerife changes within 200-260 winter and 230-290 With summer.
· To Tenerife service of rent of the car which will appear the faithful companion on travel on «The island of eternal spring» is well adjusted.
· It is most convenient to reach the island of Tenerife by air. Flight from Moscow to Tenerife will borrow from you from 11 to 20 hours, depending on the bought tickets. To pick up the most acceptable air tickets it is possible, having used service services

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