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63 % of Spaniards buy permits and air tickets on the Internet

63 % of Spaniards buy permits and air tickets on the Internet63 % of all Spaniards prefer to use the Internet at a choice and purchase of permits. 19 % admitted that buy rounds on sites of tourist agencies and only 15 % of respondents still address in offices. Such data were received during poll which has been carried out by Association of Internet users.


The turn of all electronic commerce of Spain in the first quarter 2013 made 2,82 billion euro. 25 % of all turn, fall on transactions connected with tourist activity.

Men buy more permits and air tickets on the Internet, than women. So 65 % of men make booking in Internet агентсвах in comparison with 47 % of women.

Travel, rounds and air tickets are the main products which are got by inhabitants of Spain on the Internet (61,5 % of users) while the technological goods buy 19,5 % of users, and food of only 0,5 %.

Upon purchase of air tickets and search of the lowest prices, 47 % of respondents prefer sites of airlines, and 35 % consider that travel agencies can offer more favorable price.

Research showed that there is the general mistrust to intermediaries upon purchase online. Thus, about 89 % of Internet users make purchase directly at airline and only 11 % prefer to buy through intermediaries.

One of the main reasons of mistrust to intermediaries, are the problems arising in case of need to make changes or additions in the permit or the air ticket.

57 % of the Spanish Internet users refuse purchase and sale process through the intermediary because of lack of clarity or uncertainty of time of a stage of payment.