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The Canary Islands developed the application for Russian tourists

The Canary Islands developed the application for Russian touristsThe government of the Canary Islands developed a digital platform under the name "The Canary Revitalizing Therapy" specially for Russian tourists. The purpose of this appendix to show the archipelago as "the best resort in the world" and to increase number of Russian tourists which last year there arrived to Canary Islands 166.000 people.

Tourism from Russia is one of the most fast-growing markets for Spain. Every year Spain is visited by about 1,2 million travelers from Russia though it is quite probable that this year this indicator will be exceeded. Till August, the number of Russian tourists already made 1,23 million, having increased by 30,7 % in comparison with the similar period of last year.


However, the Canary Islands are visited by only 166.000 Russian tourists in a year, and the majority of them has a rest to Tenerife. To increase this indicator and to promote visit of other islands, the government of the Canary Islands starts a digital platform directed specifically on it the market.

The appendix represents some cross-platform sites which have been completely translated into Russian, and also, official page of the Canary Islands Vkontaktakh.