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The son-in-law of the king of Spain is shone by 20 years of prison

The son-in-law of the king of Spain is shone by 20 years of prisonThe prosecutor’s office of Balearic Islands where case on financial abuses of the son-in-law of the king of Spain – Inyaki Urdangarin (Inaki Urdangarin) is investigated – and possible participation of the daughter of the king in them – infanta Christina de Borbon (infanta Cristina) – took out today the final conclusion about guilt of each of them.

The daughter of the king, according to the prosecutor’s office decision, is not the accomplice of financial frauds of the svey husband, but it spent received by an illegal way to means therefore should return to the state budget of 587.413 euros.
The son-in-law of the king is recognized guilty of misappropriation of public funds, in forgery, in excess of powers, in violation of the tax legislation and in washing of the capitals.
The prosecutor’s office suggests to condemn Urdangarin for all these crimes for 19,5 of imprisonment and to oblige to pay a penalty of 3,5 million euros.
Besides, on the same business pass 14 more former government officials and businessmen for whom the prosecutor’s office demands imprisonment for the term from five till 17 years.