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Bullis ale is closed after 27 years of work

Bullis ale is closed after 27 years of work"Bulli’s ale" (El Bulli) which were repeatedly heading the list of the best restaurants of the world, last time treated the clients today and forever closed the doors for public.


The building "Bulli’s Ale" is located nearby to the resort small town Rosas in two hours’ journey to the North from Barcelona. The restaurant existed 27 years and record five times were headed by the list of 50 best restaurants of the world, made by the Restaurant magazine on the basis of opinions of 800 chefs, restaurant critics and experts of the industry.

However, the owner and the chef of restaurant Ferran Adria is not ready will agree with this opinion.

"It not the best restaurant in the world for that simple reason that the such does not exist. But today this most authoritative place as regards cookery and especially as regards the creative imagination", – told Adria last week.

He also reported that "Bulli’s Ale" says goodbye not forever: in 2014 the restaurant again should open, but already as culinary "brain trust" – laboratories where various innovative ideas will be born, prepare and be tasted.