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On Costa Brava there will be a new type of tourism

On Costa Brava there will be a new type of tourismIn regions on Spanish Costa Bravy do not lag behind fashionable tendencies. Now there develop wine routes for enoturizm development.

Enoturizm is one of very fashionable and profitable directions of tourism. A combination of interest to winemaking and cultural and historical monuments, a gastronomy – here an essence of this direction.

In Spain there are places where manufacturing of wine is traditional occupation. The new project «Wine ways» can help with economic and social development of these regions.

The famous brand of "Emporda" which was included by the Spanish Association of winemaking, will take active part in the project. The region Costa Brava becomes one of the most advertized association.

This project will allow to look at Spain under a new corner and to see those places, which usually оставалиьс out of sight. Places where life submits to nature laws, and wine is an existence basis.