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Decree action about a Catalan referendum is suspended

Decree action about a Catalan referendum is suspendedDecree action about a Catalan referendum the priostanovlenokonstitutsionny court (Tribunal Constitucional) of Spain at a special session suspended the law on carrying out a referendum on independence of Catalonia and a referendum appointed to November 9.

The court accepted to consideration claims of the government of Spain about discrepancy of the constitution of the law on a referendum (Ley de Consultas) and carrying out a referendum that actually means a suspension of their action. The decision was accepted the majority of members of KS under the chairmanship of the head of court Francisco Perez Cobos. Now the Government of Catalonia and parliament (Generalitat) has 15 days to give reason for the position.

Under the constitution of Spain, the Constitutional court of the country can suspend laws for five months. If during this period the decision is not made, this term can be prolonged.