The first car of the king of Spain was restored

The first car of the king of Spain was restoredThe SEAT company restored the first car of the king of Spain Philippe VI (Felipe VI). The present governor of Spain received as a gift Ibiza hatchback from the father in 1986 on the 18 anniversary. The repaired car showed to Philippe during his official visit on plant of brand in Martorel (Martorell).

The car was not got the last 16 years, and its run at present makes 150 thousand kilometers. Specialists of division of "Seat" of "Coches Historicos de SEAT" spent a lot of time for restoring the 1,5-liter engine. Under a cowl the system of injection of fuel was established, and the salon got the conditioner.
Besides, Seat was again painted. Also because of Philippe’s high growth the staff of plant had to replace standard seats.
To leave to itself old Seat Ibiza the king of Spain does not gather. In the company declared that the repaired car «will fill up a factory collection of classical cars which totals about 250 copies».