Than to be engaged in Spain for May holidays

Than to be engaged in Spain for May holidaysThere came spring, soon long-awaited May holidays! Spain calls us on rest. Fresh air, sights, beaches and excursions.
For those who chose Spain as the direction for rest for May holidays, edition of «our Spain» prepared some interesting offers. All chosen excursions are checked by members of edition, and special discounts are available only to our readers!.

Plane walk in Seville and wine tasting.

Than to be engaged in Spain for May holidays

In May on a beach it is already possible to sunbathe, but the sea on Costa del Sol still cool and hardly is suitable for comfortable bathing. But the serious heat, and May did not come to Seville – the most suitable time for visit of this picturesque Spanish city yet. Why not to get acquainted with it by means of flight by the plane? You can admire fine landscapes of solar Andalusia from height of bird’s flight then excursion with wine tasting in ancient andaluzky винодельне will follow. Excursion and flights will pass on May 3.

The transfer is included in the price: Seville-airfield-vinodelnya-Seville.

To reserve excursion it is possible on a site Foodies Andalucia

To look at our photo report on one of excursions with Foodies Andalucia it is possible here

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The 2nd day courses of kayt-surfing in the Tariff

Than to be engaged in Spain for May holidays

We invite you to visit the European capital kayt-and виндсерфига – to the Tariff. In this special city which coast are washed by the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, the wind always blows. Through the Strait of Gibraltar the coast of Africa is clearly visible. Osobenosti geographical arrangements Tariffs create unique conditions for thirsting to dissect waves with a breeze. Surely take an initial course of kayt-surfing on beaches Tariffs, even if you not the fan extreme and water sports.

We offer you 2-day courses together with one of the oldest kayt-schools Tariffs "11380". Skilled the instructor under the direction of Dany Vayekho will undertake your training to kayt-surfing.

To reserve courses it is possible on email or by phone: + 34 656 405 912. A discount of 20 % only for readers of "our Spain"!

Look at our photo reports on the Tariff and kayt-school 11380.

Than to be engaged in Spain for May holidays

Group excursion to Montserrat from Barcelona

If you go to Barcelona, surely find time for a trip to the well-known monastery in mountains Montserrat.

In the ancient time the ocean here stormed, at the beginning of Christianity eremites monks took cover, and the mystical light seen by shepherds, forever made this place the center of pilgrimage of Catholics of the whole world. Admire rocks of a surprising form, touch a wonder-working figure of «The black Madonna», listen to chorus of boys with «gold voices» and believe: the desires thought here come true!

Excursion and discount of 10 % is provided by our friends from MaPa D’or Corporate Travel.

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