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Spain can recognize independence of Palestine

Spain can recognize independence of PalestineJose Manuel Garcia-Margalyoispaniya can recognize Palestinian Authority as the state. About it сообщаил head the country Ministry of Foreign Affairs Jose Manuel Garcia-Margalyo (Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo).

Garcia-Margalyo, during the vystupelniya in the Spanish parliament, recognized that the decision of the government on recognition of Palestine will be accepted after Madrid will make sure that it essentially will help political dialogue between Israel and Palestine. Thus the minister, noticed that recognition of independence of Palestine should not be simply symbolical step. A main goal of such decision – contribution to a peace resolution of conflict in the Middle East.


The head of foreign policy department of Spain also expressed opinion that EU should is coordinated recognize Palestine as the independent state. For this purpose, it is necessary to solve with Israel a number of questions, including delimitation and the status of Jerusalem.