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Excursions in Barcelona with the guide-photographer

Excursions in Barcelona with the guide-photographerWalks across Barcelona with the private guide remain in memory of travelers much more long, than group mass excursions. After all Barcelona – the city uncommon, this legendary place is sung Freddie Merkyuri and Monserrat Kabalye. Individual excursion becomes the excellent beginning of acquaintance to the beauty Barcelona where the personal guide will present you sights of the city of the Spanish kingdom entering at the same time into ten the largest cities of Europe second for the sizes.

Individual excursion in Barcelona is a fine possibility with the head to plunge into surprising Spanish color, as the guide as the old friend, will tell you the most interesting stories of the real Barcelona. The prices of individual excursions are very democratic, and begin from 35 euros for the person. Personal round will cost 150-300 euros.

Having used the audioguide in earphones, it is possible to examine the main sights of Barcelona from a window of the tourist bus or from its roof. Still it is possible to employ the private guide, or the expert who has combined positions of the guide and the photographer thanks to what the best moments of your round in the most beautiful places of Barcelona will be professionally embodied on a photo.

Such unique service is offered for individual travelers and tourists who appreciate the time, comfort and money: walk or a trip across Barcelona with the guide and the photographer. During this photo excursion you will acquaint with the most beautiful small streets and city monuments, will show dizzy types, parks, visit of a sea aquarium, a zoo and many other remarkable places is possible also. Such individual excursion with the photographer across Barcelona will cost at 2 o’clock from 150 euros.