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New strikes in the Iberia

New strikes in the IberiaFrancisco Rodriguez, the representative of the General union of workers declared today that trade unions of the Iberia company intend to protest against restructuring which provides dismissal of 4,5 thousand employees. Besides, he declared dates of strikes: 14,17,18,19, on December 20 and 21.

Leaders of trade-union movement consider that carrying out protest action these days previous Christmas and New Year’s holidays, will minimize inconveniences for passengers.

The leader of trade-union association demands from the management of airline to develop such development plan of "Iberia" at which preservation of workplaces would be guaranteed.

The management of Iberia yet did not accept concrete measures against strike consequences, booking of air tickets on all flights of strike days pass in a usual mode.

The minister of development of Spain, Ana Pastor Julian, on Tuesday told that in the developed difficult economic situation the country does not presume a strike in strategically important spheres of economy. Such statement, most likely, becomes the next link in development and a conflict aggravation between the Spanish authorities, "Iberia" and its workers.

In the summer of the expiring year the airline already sustained mullions-strong losses because of the strike which have paralysed it.