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Barakhas will offer new cheap routes to Scandinavia

Barakhas will offer new cheap routes to ScandinaviaBy the next tourist season the Madrid airport Barakhas (Barajas) will open six new routes to northern Europe. The Scandinavian cheap airline "Norwegian" declared on Monday opening of the base in Madrid with direct flights to Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki, Hamburg, Warsaw and London.

By "Norwegian" plans, the first flights, on new routes, will be blurted out in June, 2014.

The airline already started to sell tickets on the site. Before booking of rounds to Spain, it is necessary to reflect on holiday planning independently as the prices for tickets to Madrid are in a range from 29 euros for flights from Hamburg and to 62 euros when flying from Helsinki.

The Madrid airport becomes the fifth Norwegian base in Spain after Alicante, Malaga, Las Palmas and Tenerife. The director general of the company, Bjorn Khos (Bjorn Kjos), is sure that the airline will essentially increase number of the tourists who are taking off from Barakhas. "Norwegian" hopes to transport about 700 000 new passengers in the first year of work through constant base in Madrid. It is expected that the company can reach figure in 30 flights to week on seven operating routes from Madrid in the summer of 2014. The airline guarantees creation about hundred new workplaces in Madrid.

The president of the province of Madrid, Ignacio Gonsalez (Ignacio Gonzalez), during presentation of new air base, emphasized that a main objective of the government it is not simple to restore number of passengers to former level, but also to reach a point of 70 million passengers (Barakhas’s maximum throughput spobonost after his expansion and construction of the new T4 terminal).

The passenger traffic of the Madrid airport decreased for 10,4 % in the last two years that lowered it on the ninth place in a rating of the main European airports.