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High-rise building

Seville, one of the most ancient cities of Spain can spoil ancient Seville, in the near future can lose the unique shape and, probably, will lose the status of a monument of the World heritage of UNESCO. In the city want to construct a skyscraper. Such construction can break the serious requirements shown by the world organization to cultural and historical objects.
Representatives of UNESCO visited the capital of Andalusia to define a damage from skyscraper construction. This building, which planned height of 187 meters, should become the main office of Cajasol bank. It is probable that the huge building being in the center of Seville, will eclipse itself the ancient Mauritian castle Alkasar, the Cathedral, and «Archive Indy», and they absolutely "will get lost" on his background.
Delegation of UNESCO addressed to politicians and to public organizations of Seville with the requirement immediately to suspend construction of a high-rise building. Also representatives of the organization passed across Seville to estimate, as the skyscraper will be entered in a city architecture and how to change the heavenly line.
In 2010 the world organization spoke about the fears caused by construction of Pelli Tower, and demanded in the summer to suspend all works until while the compromise solution will not be found.

While the question of construction of a high-rise building and the status of Seville is not solved, and the city is not spoiled yet, tourists should collect quicker suitcases and to hurry to reserve rounds to Spain. While the skyscraper did not cut the sky, three monuments of architecture protected by UNESCO and components "Golden Age", help to be transferred to the medieval city of Spain.