The tourist planet – a multimedia portal about tourism of new generation

In a network gains popularity a new portal «the Tourist Planet», representing the multimedia knowledge base. Tens of thousands. users were already registered on a site and actively it use.


Multimediynost – concept new to similar sites, and sometimes it confuse to a multikulturnost. These are different things. The Multimediynost designates possibility to receive information via different channels, for example, visual or acoustical – and to make fuller impression about travel and rest in the various countries.

«The tourist Planet» allows to solve a set of the problems arising at tourists, quickly and very easily. For example, you winter rest in the southern countries interests, and you wish to find permits to Egypt for December. On a site you can pick up a set of suitable rounds and directly contact representatives of the Egyptian hotels, hotels or travel agencies. You can call them or use internal service of messages which is available on a portal.

If you need to find the fellow traveler in Charm Ale the Sheikh in February, simply leave the demand on a site – and thousands users will see it. Possibly, someone from visitors of a site also looks for the fellow traveler to Egypt in the winter and the problem will be solved.

The project «Tourist Planet» includes the huge directory on the countries, to fill which thousands real tourists help. The base of a site contains information about more than 300 thousand tourist objects – more than it is possible for itself to present! If it is necessary to plan rest, to find useful information about the countries, to share impressions or to find adherents – «The Tourist Planet» will help to solve all these problems.