In Spain the bus broke: 14 victims of

In Spain the bus broke: 14 victims ofIn Spain broke an avtobustragediya occurred on Saturday evening at 23:30 near Venta de Oliva’s (Venta del Olivo) small village in Murcia. The bus going from Madrid to the small town Bulyas (Bullas), moved down after the journey RM-730, embankment c in height of 15 meters fell and turned over. At the moment it is known that the number of victims as a result of this road accident makes 14 people. 41 more persons were traumatized different degree.

All victims placed in the closest hospitals of the region. As report the Spanish mass media, the bus was rented for a religious trip to Madrid. In the bus there was a lot of youth. The incident reasons while are unknown. At both bus drivers it is not revealed alcohol in blood. The bus passed technical inspection last Thursday.