Palma-de-Majorca best beaches

Majorca – one of the most beautiful islands of the Balearsky archipelago and the Mediterranean Sea. The number of warm summer days here reaches record marks: rainy weather happens not more often 30 days in a year, and to acquire a tan on local beaches it is possible from April to October. Winter on Majorca too very soft, therefore many travelers come here to dive with an aqualung or to take part in an amateur regatta.


The capital of the island is Palma-de-Majorca – the ancient city founded by Romans still in 123 BC. In the city and its vicinities the set of museums, ancient cathedrals and churches, the royal castles and other monuments remained. Within the city there are no big tourist beaches, therefore travelers often come here from the next resorts to go sightseeing and do shopping. But, Palma-de-Majorca modern hotels with perfectly equipped numbers, pools and solar terraces are ready to compensate remoteness from the sea. Besides, the road to the next beaches will take not a lot of time, for example, the magnificent bay Platja de Palma is at distance of 15 kilometers from the city center.

Playa Illetes beach – one of the places of Palma-de-Majorca most popular among travelers, it was stretched almost on five kilometers along east part of the city. There are expensive 5-stars hotels, golf courses, restaurants of the Mediterranean kitchen and incendiary discos. As Playa Illetes one of the beaches closest to the city center, here is always very populous, therefore travelers who wish a bigger privacy, prefer the beach of Puro Beach located in the territory of the national reserve of Majorca, in 20 kilometers from the city. Here fans to sunbathe in times it is less, but also it, perhaps, is not so important, as the main advantage of a beach of Puro Beach – magnificent views on a bay the Palm tree.

For those travelers who want to plunge into the atmosphere of the Spanish resort and to get acquainted with locals, it is better to go to acquire a tan on a beach of Roques de Cala Major popular among citizens. This small beach is located in only two kilometers from the city, and in the neighbourhood with it it is possible to find a set of cozy cafes with a local cuisine. On the way on the main city beach travelers, as a rule, manage to get acquainted with the main sights of Palmy-de-Majorca also: Cathedral, Montesyon’s church and Episcopal palace.