Improving tourism in Andalusia grew by 3,8 %

Improving tourism in Andalusia grew by 3,8 %Services and service of improving tourism in Andalusia used about 690.000 туристовм last year. Growth of this sector of tourism made 3,8 %. About it it is told in the new report prepared by the government of the region.

In the report the qualitative analysis based on statistics of 2012, and also opinion of experts in the field of health care and improving tourism which subdivide this sector into three categories with various characteristics is given.

So in a Spa resorts which about ten across all Andalusia is, tourists from 30 to 50 years have usually a rest, during target and short holidays, or pairs are more senior than 50 years which usually live in Spa more than a week.

On the other hand, in hotels which offer various improving procedures a basis of clients 50-year-old tourists with average and high consumer ability make. Such clients stop in hotels for the weekend (in case of Spaniards) and for longer periods during a low season if it concerns foreign tourists.

Clients of hospitals and specialized clinics in Andalusia, generally are foreign tourists with very high purchasing power and which demand quality service and professionalism.

From 690.000 tourists visited the Spa resorts and бальнеариумы Andalusia in 2012, 68 % was made by Spaniards while among foreigners Germans, and then British and Frenchmen prevailed.

83 % from all these travelers stopped in hotels. 85 % from them stopped in the same medical an institution where they passed improving procedures and treatment. Average duration of stay made 7,5 days.

Daily average expenses in sector of improving tourism made 68,5 euros for the person. It means that the income of the local improving centers made about 354 million euros.