From this summer in Transaero airline direct flight to Barcelona

will open From this summer in Transaero airline direct flight to BarcelonaFrom the first day of summer to September 28 from Ufa it will be possible to go direct flight to Barcelona. Flights will pass every Friday. A departure from Ufa in the morning, at 07.50 local time. Duration of flight makes 7 hours. Passengers on VS Boeing – 737-800 will fly.


But new regular flights in these popular directions not unique carried out by Transaero airline. The company, as before, carries out daily flights in the directions Ufa – Moscow, Ufa – St. Petersburg. Cooperation with the international airport "Ufa" proceeds nearly 5 years. Besides, since May 30 the airline decided to increase number of flights to Larnaca. Flights will pass every Wednesday and Sunday.

During this time "Transaero" began to be in great demand among Russians, it not without justification consider as a reliable air carrier. It constantly expands geography of flights and has arrangements with many companies across Russia and the world on routes convenient for passengers. Among passengers it is known as airline which constantly enters new services, and it does stay onboard to the most comfortable.

The Transaero airline one of the first completely passed to the electronic air ticket. Air tickets to Barcelona and on other directions always can be bought on the Internet on a company site that saves time of passengers. Besides, registration process on flight became more convenient. Long turns to a reception desk disappeared, it is possible most to choose a place in plane salon.