In Seville constructed the largest wooden construction

In Seville constructed the largest wooden constructionBig on the sizes «the city solar umbrella» covered de la Enkarnasyon’s Plaz Square. The erected design provides protection of a foot zone, and also the cultural and public center against scorching sunshine.

The construction which received the name Metropol Parasol, is a fruit of efforts of the company J. Mayer H. Architects from Germany. On Inhabitat assurances, the system which consists of a large number of wooden panels, is the largest on our planet a construction. In the course of its construction as the main material the tree was used. This megastructure has the next sizes: length – 150м, width – 75 m, height – 28 m.

Metropol Parasol received futuristic shape not casually, and for contrast creation against old times of a part of the city. However founders softened contrast of construction at the expense of soft color of a construction.

As authors believe, such openwork design will involve not only tourists, but also city dwellers. All this will promote transformation of Plaza-de-la-Encarnacion into the new city cultural center.

In a construction, on an artificial eminence the walking zone, and also an archaeological museum, the small market, restaurant settles down. In the top part of a construction the observation deck added with twisting paths settled down.

The colossus includes six umbrellas which settle down on concrete dashing about and smoothly flow one in another.

It is remarkable, that fact that opening on this place of an autoparking of covered type earlier was planned. However after the excavation carried out here during which ruins of the Roman era were found, it was accepted about the decision on construction in this territory of a museum and the public center.

Visually Metropol Parasol grows from excavation, thereby, connecting last time, the present and the future of this fine city.