simplifies registration at the airport of Madrid IberiaOne of these days the Iberia airline established at the airport of Madrid new automatic machines for registration on flight which allow to issue a boarding pass and the baggage receipt in only 30 seconds.

New machine guns were already tested by 1.500 clients the companies which are carrying out flights from the Terminal 4 airports Barakhas.

Machine guns have attractive design and are suitable both for often traveling, and for single clients.

For registration it is enough to bring only the passport or DNI to the scanner and the device will see at once all data on flight, it is not necessary how earlier manually to enter the data.

Besides, new machine guns simplify registration for passengers who were registered by the Internet on a company site. It is not necessary to unpack a boarding pass in advance, it is enough to bring only a stroke a code which will come to the mobile phone, to the scanner and the boarding pass will be unpacked.

In the 4th terminal of the airport Barakhas 30 automatic machines for registration are established already, gradually Iberia will establish machine guns and at other airports.