At coast of Majorca the ferry of the Trasmediterranea-Acciona

At coast of Majorca the ferry of the Trasmediterranea-Acciona"Sorrento" ferry the Sorrento Ferry making flight on a route of Palm tree de Mayorka – Valencia lit up this afternoon in 17 nautical miles from Majorca. Ignition occurred in garage on the 4th deck of the ship.

The distress signal was submitted at 13:50 CET. To the aid of the ferry the saving ships were directed. Besides, to the place of accident other ferry of the company which floated from Ibiza to Barcelona came. On its board 152 passengers of the burning ship were evacuated all. According to sea service of rescue, two crew members were rescued by means of the helicopter and delivered in hospital.

At present, all passengers are delivered to Palm tree de Mayorka’s port.