In 2014 the Canary Islands were visited by record number of tourists

In 2014 the Canary Islands were visited by record number of touristsIn spite of the fact that in December, 2014 the Canary Islands lost 1,6 % of foreign passengers in comparison with December, 2013, it did not prevent them to accept about one million tourists for New Year’s holidays. Such statistics this Wednesday was published by the AENA company (Aeropuertos Espanoles y Navegacion Aerea).

Despite decrease in a passenger traffic in the end of the year, the archipelago could establish a record new to: islands were visited by 12,8 million tourists that on 700 000 people more than was registered in 2013.

Reduction of number of passengers at the end of 2014, is connected with opening of the various winter directions in Egypt, it prevented islands to pass out of a limit in 13 million though Canary Islands practically closely stole up to this figure.

It should be noted that recently the Canary Islands strengthened the positions as one of the most popular places among tourists, after all the archipelago, as well as possible, is suitable for outdoor and fascinating activities.

Each of islands has the highlight and is capable to present to travelers unique emotions and impressions.