By the end of the year Spain will be visited by more than 60,7 million foreign tourists

By the end of the year Spain will be visited by more than 60,7 million foreign touristsFor 2014 more than 60,7 million foreign tourists that for 0,1 % more than last year can visit Spain. Besides, these figures can establish a new record in sector of the Spanish tourism. Such forecast was made according to the report prepared by the Ministry of the industry, power and tourism of Spain. According to a forecast it is expected that expenses of tourists this year will exceed 59 billion euro. These figures are very close to the level, reached in 2013 when foreigners spent in Spain in total 59,082 billion euro.

Growth of these indicators became possible thanks to essential increase in the international tourism in the fourth quarter. It is supposed that growth will make 7,2 % in comparison with 11,8 million visited Spain during this period of 2013. Expenses will make more, than 12 billion euro.

In the report it is noted that it is necessary to treat data of a forecast with care, considering dynamism of the social and economic environment in EU which can essentially affect tourism sector. From the countries – leaders of exit tourism to Spain, in the report especially note Great Britain, as the main source of tourists while the Scandinavian markets will slow down the growth till the end of 2014. Good prospects will be for Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium. At the same time, popularity of the Spanish direction and rounds to Spain from Russia continue to fall promptly. Generally it occurs because of the international pressure in a situation in Ukraine and to rouble exchange rate falling in relation to euro. So, the number of the Russian tourists in September decreased by 9,2 % and for 12,7 % in October.