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The cheapest rest in the world – on Costa del Sol

The cheapest rest in the world - on Costa del SolThe last researches show that in Spain and in particular expenses of vacationers in the current year were considerably reduced by Costa del Sol. Because a food fell in price, the price of drinks and cigarets decreased.

Annually independent control services investigate 42 directions which are most popular in tourists, about increase or reduction of prices in resorts. Results of the last analysis from (Post Office Worldwide Holiday Costs Barometer): this year rest in Spain on Costa del Sol and on Costa Ric will be the most inexpensive in the world. For example, cost of residence in Spain slowly but surely decreased all last year to 30 %. According to research team, a package from 8 most demanded goods (the wine glass, a bottle of local beer, a bottle of mineral water, Pepsi or Coca-koly bank, sun-protection cream, a cup of coffee, a pack of Marlboro and 3 dishes for a dinner) will cost only 36,14 pounds. On the third place the Czech Republic with 39 pounds for "a set of the tourist" settled down